Sunday, January 18, 2009

vmware tools for fedora 10

The vmware tools (VmwareTools-6.5.0-118166) installation went surprisingly fast (including the kernel modules compilation using script) on the fedora 10 kernel version except two issues:

During the X server configuration, I received an error which indicate that the vmware tools cannot locate the monitor, its seems like vmware looking for Xorg instead of Xfree86.
In order to bypass this issue we should create the following /etc/X11/xorg.conf (as root):
Section "Monitor"
Identifier "vmware"
And re-run the config tool.

The second problem was the “drug-and-drop”, IT DIDN'T WORK !!!, to fix it call /usr/bin/vmware-user as written in “
"You will need to either manually start /usr/bin/vmware-user or log out and log
back in to this desktop session to obtain the following features: guest
resolution fit, drag and drop, and file and text copy/paste. vmware-user is
configured to automatically start at a graphical login, but that won't take
effect until the next login."

If needed, Call the vmware-user every login using the application start-up list.


Robert Jan said...

I have some problems installing the vmware tools on fedora 10 myself

It claims that 'make' has not been installed:

Setup is unable to find the "make" program on the machine. Please make shure it has been installed. Do you want to specify this program by hand?

I tried running the make command but it doesn't run.. anyone know how to install this?

Ofer Koren said...

Try to see if the make packages was installed :
rpm -qa | grep make

You should get : make-3.81-14.fc10.i386

if not, type
yum install make.i386 and try again to run make