Sunday, January 18, 2009

Activate conky upon startup

While using conky we can make it start with our system, The easiest way is to add it to the session.

Go to : System > Preferences > Personal -> Sessions -> “Startup Programs” , and add the conky to the additional startup progam list.

After the X server start, You will see something weird, the conky appear on the screen and then disappear under the background image, The problem is that the conky is starting to fast before the rest of the desktop component.

In order to fix it we will “tell” the conky to wait a while before starting ,create the following bash script conky_start:
sleep 10
conky &
exit 0

Change it permission to execute:
#chmod 755 /usr/bin/conky_start

Try to launch it manually to make sure you don't have any typo and change the session startup-programs to launch this script instead of conky.

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Foul said...

Two years later and this helped me with the problem I was having with conky.
Thanks, mate.